Why a massage makes the very best gift

Massage might be something that’s always on your to-do list, but there are some people
who just never seem to get around to me-time, and they need to know the restorative
powers of a good massage session.
If you’re looking for a gift for someone who seems to have it all, or even just someone close to you that needs spoiling, here’s why a massage is the best choice for a gift!

It shows that you’ve put a little thought into the gift
You could wander around the gift selections in stores or just order something online, but if you treat a friend or a loved one to a blissful massage, it says “I really thought about you, and I thought you needed a massage.”

It might be the nudge somebody needs towards trying massage for themselves
Some people have never had a massage, and it’s people like that who need one the most, so why not think of their well-being and find them a lovely, relaxing massage? They might have thought massage wasn’t for them, or that it’s something people
treat themselves to on spa trips, but once you’ve introduced them to the joy of massage,
they’ll be hooked. Everyone loves massage; some people just need to try it.

Everyone needs a little time out
Some people never seem to make time for themselves. Everyone is too busy. Treat
someone special to the gift of paid-for me time, and give them a massage voucher so that
they can have an hour, at least, where they don’t have to put everyone else first.
One of the best gifts that you can give anyone is time. Why not give someone who’s
eternally busy the gist of time out. Some space to breathe and disconnect from everyday
stresses? An hour or so of blissful quiet and relaxation could be the best present anyone
gets this year!

It shows you care for their health
Massage is the gift that keeps on giving, the option that says you really do care for
someone’s health and wellbeing. It gives the recipient a healthy dose of happy hormones,
promotes movement and increased flexibility, and eases aches, pains and stress.
What better way to treat someone?


Cold feet? Here are a few exercises to warm you up!

cold feet

Cold feet are one of the miseries of winter, it’s easy to keep your body warm but hands and feet tend to get colder and stay colder much faster. If you’re plagued with frozen cold toes, once you’ve ruled out any medical conditions, try these moves to take the chill off.

Clapping your feet on the floor
Sit on a chair or the floor and slap the floor with the bottoms of your feet. Change the rhythm from slow to fast and keep going for at least five minutes to get the blood circulating.

Foot rotation
Sit down in a comfortable position and lift your foot up off the floor. Start by rotating clockwise and then anti-clockwise position 10-20 times. This should also get the blood moving, warming your toes up for you.

Practice picking things up with your feet
Sit down and lay a pencil or something similar on the floor at your feet. Try to pick it up with your left foot, and then your right foot. Repeat several times until you feel things begin to warm up.

Toes to heels
Stand up on the tip of your toes for about a minute and then slowly drop back down to your heels. Repeat up to ten times until you start to feel a bit warmer…